onsdag 17. mars 2010

Killer whales, sauna and couloir gazing

Imaging sailing around in the Arctic sea, gazing at steep couloirs from inside a rebuilt whaling ship turned into a mix of Finnish sauna and a Japanese zen lounge. Yes it’s surreal and very unique. Vulkana makes you wind down and relax, and we want to use this special ship as your floating base camp for ski touring exploration in the Arctic sea outside Tromsø Norway.

Vulkana is new to Whiteblue and we needed to make a test run to make sure the concept holds what you can expect.

And it does!

We believe Vulkana is the perfect base for a ski touring Adventure unlike everything else you can find in the world. Unfortunately we didn’t find time to ski this time but the opportunities around Tromsø gave us a lot of ideas for first descents. And that’s a theme for the whole Vulkana experience. This ship is one of a kind a truly unique ship.

Have a look at the pictures and make your decision for you next ski touring exploration adventure with Whiteblue.

PS! Tomorrow we are heading out to Kvaløya to find untracked snow summit to sea… This will be the first day of the 4 days Hurtigruten cruise ahead. Spirits are high and the group are eager to get out thereJ

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