søndag 28. mars 2010

Black Diamond Drift review – new skies for 2011

For 2011 Black Diamond will launch a whole range of new ski touring skies under the class Efficient series. The deep powder tool is called Drift.

I had the privilege during a week of magic, skiing the coast of Norway to make up my opinion about these new skies. In an earlier post I wrote that they have the measures to become bestsellers in the lightweight category.

Now I know they will be!

The Drift has the measures of 138-100-123 and weighs around 3,5 kg in 186 length (pair). The construction is Torsion Box using a lightweight wood (paulownia) reinforced with carbon fibers. In my opinion all skies should have a wood core. The tip is early rise rocker as for the Manaslu (Dynafit). The tail has a metal reinforcement for the skins. A small detail I appreciate.
Last year I skied the Dynafit Manaslu, and I have really enjoyed the float and surprisingly great grip for a ski of this weight. 

Nevertheless I was very much looking forward to 
test the new Black Diamond Drift.
In many ways the skies have similar look and feel, but the Drift are easier to handle despite being a wider ski. Going upwards the Drifts are better balanced as the mounting leaves less front ski. This might as well also be the reason for the quick handling and great feedback from the skies when you make your turn going down in speed.

During the trip we really had the opportunity to test the Drift’s powder performance, but for the sake of it we had to make some early morning turns down the south aspect to figure out if the skies also perform under more shifting and icy conditions. And they do quit well. The Drift are soft skies and thereby not the ultimate choice for ice hard skiing, but they do very well still!

Next trip I will make up my opinion about the new Dynafit Stoke. We will see who wins the battle, but right now I’m stoked by the new Black Diamond Drift!
PS! The skiing took place in Kvaløya, Lofoten and Glomfjord Norway. See www.whiteblue.no for guided trips.

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