lørdag 26. februar 2011

Romsdalen Norway - playground for adrenalin junkies.

My ski partner Håkon and I made the right decision. Great outlooks for sunshine made us pack the car and drive through the night to visit Laila who just moved to Romsdalen on the west coast of Norway. Great to have a friend living below the famous Trollwall!

Romsdalen has an international reputation among base jumper ans climbers, but locally it is very well known for great skiing. This area of Norway has peaks to ski for a liftetime without doing the same run twice. During 3 days we skied Kjørskartinden, Øspetinden and Blånebba before heading back to Oslo.

We had a great time, and I can't wait to come back to this sick place.

If you ever plan to visit Norway skiing, and want to make your trip an adventure. You should start here! Whiteblue Adventure offers 10-15 days trip including Romsdalen, Glomfjord, Lofoten, Lyngen and Øksfjord. Even beeing baised I can't think of a better adventure trip en the world. A must do for a adventure skier!!!

Join us next year!

The Trollwall.

Base in reverse. I rather have this view than the opposite from the top of  Romsdalshorn

Postcard! Great snow conditions in Måndalen.

Big "L" to those sitting home today:-)

Håkon finding his pace..

Laila enjoying here new backyard

More to do!

On the ridge of Øspetinden

No wind, sunshine and fantastic views. Good life!

Man Camp Romsdalen.  

Laila shredding!

Håkon cruising! Great lines in the background.

View from Laila's house. Great place!
Vengetind in the back.

A very cold morning. Finally the sun break above Vengetind 1852 m.s.l
View from Blånebba ridge.

Looks scary from a distance. Imaging standing on the top and jumping

On the Blånebba ridge looking towards Kirketaket and Kjørskartinden. Maybe the best ski peaks around, and of course very popular.. 

Fjord views... That's Whiteblue sking!
Happy camper. Soon down time!