mandag 22. mars 2010

Day 3 – Breaking new grounds at Mystery Island

The Hurtigruten ferry landed at 0700, and we were all looking forward to scout out some new places in the Glomfjord area. After some research, discussions, and scouting we finally agreed on the best new terrain.

And what a place this was! Herby named as “NN”. As I am a dedicated fly fisher I have learned to keep quiet when I find the good spots. We all agreed to keep this magical place for the guests of Whiteblue.

There are a lot of first descents to do around here! One thing that indicated this fact was that we were among the first skiers the locals have seen up here. They came out to chat and looked at us a bit strange, outsiders on fat “water” ski looking things, heading up the mountain for powder snow.

Breaking trail was an easy job this day. The look of what was waiting above pumped the energy levels up and moved the focus away from our tiring legs too thoughts of how good the skiing was going to be.

After a perfect lunch we moved up to the first peak. From here we got a first overview of the area on both sides of the ridge. What a beautiful place this was. Looking over the fjords, glaciers, and the Northern Arctic Ocean.

The next objective was a short climb reaching the highest point on the ridge. Reaching the top gave us another option for skiing than first planned. The northeast aspect was cold powder heaven, but a no go today as the avalanche risk was too high. But next time maybe?

After some time enjoying the views we were ready to ski all the way from the white powder summit to the blue open sea. A Whiteblue ski touring adventure in actionJ

Enjoy the pics by Ole Marius Jørgensen (Oleg)

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  1. Nice pictures! We are two local skiers that recognize the feeling you are describing in your article. Few locals are familiar with the concept of randonee, few ski tourists find their way up here, and this gives skiing in this area a magic touch. The ridge you have been climbing has dousins of peaks that could be skied on south and north side (dependent on season), and it is a good chance you are the fisrt skier ever on the line you are choosing. We have ben skiing the north side of the two peaks 1km and 2km north-west of the peaks you have been climbing;)

    See you
    -two locals

  2. Hi Lars-Petter

    I must say you are living at the right spot for skiing!! We are totally Glomfjord fans at Whiteblue!! Next time we will organize boat pick up to reach other spots nearby.

    Hope we see you for a beer at Ørnes Hotel in the future or elsewere