torsdag 18. mars 2010

Day 1. - True Blue White Powder in Kvaløya Tromsø

Woke up to a sunny clear day in Tromø! The first day of our tour couldn’t get a better start, the group exited around the breakfast table – just after 0700 – all ready to go for a day of untracked fresh snow. Kvaløya is it! 20 minutes later we stopped the car. Here we go – snow - a lot of new white snow. Soon on track – Skittentind – up there – our `top´ today. 3 hours later we gaze out to the horizon – blue ocean and beautiful scenes. Down – incredible – incredible skiing.

Tro meg – ganske så deilig! (Norwegian)

The desert is now being served – waiting for the Hurtigruten to make land in Tromsø. We will soon board and head for Harstad and tomorrows adventure. Hopefully the sun will stay with us – the fresh snow is there (so we heard…). Can’t wait to see Lofoten - once more. Talk soon.

Still waiting Ole M.?

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