søndag 25. oktober 2009

Witeblue goes live!

My partner Per Chritian Tyldum (Pekka) and I (Jens-Petter Ring) decided during a great trip last year to establish Whiteblue Adventure. We are both passionate skiers. Pekka a telemarker, and I am an alpine skier.

At the age of 42 it’s about time to decide what you want from your life. As we already spend a lot of time in the mountains summer and winter the idea of making it a living was very tempting.

Pekka who is an architect and running his own company have always told me that you need at least 8 weeks of holiday a year. He has a way of living and a life philosophy that I have admired and envied for a long time. But now I’m getting there hopefully!

Together we have been skiing in the Alps plenty of times. Over the years getting older our ski trips have developed to more than skiing. Now we are seeking an adventure. We want to meet people, learn about cultures, and eat things we didn’t know where living or growing and see landscapes that are different to us.

Long before people I knew were talking about skiing in Iran, Pekka and some friends went there for an adventure that never will be forgotten. I have learned to live with the tales from a trip that have made the history books.

Later we have together been skiing in Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia and Bulgaria the latest years. What we always end up talking about is the friendly people we meet, and strangely not as much about the skiing. Although the skiing has been great as we experienced in Macedonia last year.

Now building our own ski and adventure concept all this will be put into action. We want people to go home and remember their stay for the rest of their lives.

We all have experiences that we repeatedly end up telling others about. It could be something you only spend a day doing. That has marked you for life. And you keep on reflecting on this experience for years.

In Whiteblue Adventure that’s our mission. To create moments that will last for a lifetime.

Whiteblue Adventure is about the white and blue – the cut between snow and water, between the high mountain and the open blue sea. But most importantly it’s about contrasts. To climb a mountain above the Arctic Circle, to feel the silence, to sea the eagle next to you, to experience the friendship within the group as you make your turns down until you feel the smell of saltwater. Arriving at the beach you harvest some mussels and stop by the fisherman to get some king crab before we all make dinner together and share our experiences. That’s what makes a moment!

Whiteblue Adventure is the only company that offers skiing in the Romsdal alps, Glomfjord, Lofoten and Lyngen in a 10 or 15 days trip. The reason that we can do this is Hurtigruten. Hurtigruten is repeatedly voted as the world’s most beautiful cruise and it’s by itself a great experience. The ships will bring us to our destinations, and we will venture on and off the ships to go hunting for powder.

PS! Just recently
National Geographic voted the Norwegian fjords as best tourist destination in the world.

I hope you find this somewhat tempting. If you want to learn more about us visit

Sincerely Jens-Petter Ring
Whiteblue Adventure