fredag 19. mars 2010

Day 2 – Powder, sable fighting and Waffle heaven at Kabelvaag Hotel

After a good night sleep onboard Hurtigruten we arrived in Harstad. First a quick stop to get the urban coffee drinkers satisfied we were on the E-10 road for Lofoten. E-10 is a driving skiers nightmare. Luckily we survived after watching ski lines all the way to Svolvær Lofoten. After some discussions we decided to head for Blåtinden. The trail started in someone’s backyard just above Svolvær town. At first it seemed a bit strange to be walking among houses since there is plenty of options away from people.

Blåtind proved to be a great choice, both ski wise and scenery. The scenery is amazing above Svolvær. Looking over the open sea and peaks exploding out of the ocean.

After 30-40 minutes we felt like being totally away

At the first peak we skied down the north/east side to find perfect powder, the only price we had to pay was the return back from were we came.

On the way up we had already pointed out the way down. A beautiful untouched flank just waiting for the Whiteblue crew to shred it.. Oh yes!!

A lot of jiiiihhhaaas and 360 smiles we found us at the final run to Svolvær. This last part was the reason for choosing Blåtind. The sunset into the sea and skiers is a wet dream for all.

Never before did we have an argument on whom to ski first. Not this day. The sables were drawn and the fight was on….

Look out for more…. Tomorrow waits Glomfjord…

PS!! Kabelvaag hotel and Maren gave us the best welcome – warm waffles in a big stack waiting for hungery skiers! We love you Maren and Kabelvaag Hotel!!

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  1. Å, ha dokker hjæm søringa! Det e ikkje nokka gøy å sjå dokker sjredde nordlandspudder heilt åleina som nokken bortskjæmte kaffelatte-drikkandes tigerstads-snobba!Med stuetæppe under skian og carbonhjælma.. Neihei..

    Æ e bærre utrooooolig misunnelig!!

    Hilsen han Walium