mandag 15. februar 2010

Ski touring and bluebird in Hemsedal Norway

After some struggel getting back from Munich and ISPO it was really good to be back on the skiies.

I needed 3 days to get home despite the flight is only 2 1/2 hour. Never have I experienced difficulties due to snowfall as in Munich. We had to accept two cancellations before we finally made it back home on friday. Just in time to get to Hemsedal for the weekend.

Ski touring is getting many fans in Norway. That was very obvious heading for Skurvefjell (1741m.). We were not alone, but what can you expect as Skurvefjell was bading in sun and the temprature were about -10 celsius and no wind. All in all a perfect day to be out.

We really enjoyed the day in a "Whiteblue" manner altough we didn´t find fresh powder. Last weekend the story was different with fresh powder from top to bottom. Nevertheless we could work the tan and enjoy the time with good friends.

Me and Fredrik working the tan

Do you see the hidden code?
If not you probably see the east coloir of Kyrkjebønosi in the back

If you want to know how the day ended you need to come with us next time:-)

The next day we had a alpine start at 13:00. Waking up to mixed cloudy weather we decided to head to west. That turned out to be a good move... See the following pics.

søndag 7. februar 2010

The Battle is on! - ski touring the major development 2011

First day at ISPO 2010, and what looks clear. The battle is on to make the best alpine touring boot combining climbing and downhill performance.

I must say the most impressive new development is by Blackdiamond, both for boots and skies. They have developed a totaly new range of skis and boots to enter the market in 2011. Without any further study I was impressed by their focus on lightweight gear. For the next season they will have a totaly new range of possible bestsellers in the lightweight segement.

Here's a sneak previw..

120 flex Quadrant

110 flex Prime

The brand new ski from Blackdiamond is called Drift. It has the meassure of 138-100-123. The 100 underfoot and extrem light weight will make this ski a possible leader in this catagory.

I have not tested the skies my self, but from the feel of it this seems to be a good ski for powder days. As I prefere the lighter skies this seems to be a very interesting new development. They weigh around 3,0kg and are quit soft doing the "bending test". Specially the noes seems to be from the softer end of the spectrum.

Nevertheless I look forward for the first test run:-)