søndag 6. mars 2011

Whiteblue – we went through the storm to visit Koppangen Brygge in Lyngen.

Should we stay or should we go? 

Big weather systems were heading towards Northern Norway. With an outlook of heavy wind and big snowfall, this could mean closed roads and extreme avalanche danger.

Anyway making a long story short, we went for it!

Boarding the flight from Oslo we expected to land in Tromsø at 11:00. The plan was straight from the airport to Kvaløya, and then to Lyngen. That didn’t happen. It was snowing extremely heavily at Tromsø airport. We had to turn and stop in Bodø airport to refuel and wait for the weather to clear.  Three hours later we finally landed in Tromsø with no chance to get to Lyngen, as the roads were closed.
We decided to stay the night in Tromsø. Our good friend and “Tromsøværing” Trine Marhaug took us to the local ski hill Kroken. Here we found the best skiing so fare this year. With 50-70 cm powder and very few people to sign their name, this was the best way to celebrate the birthday of Per Christian (Whiteblue co-owner).

Day 2 we headed towards Lyngen through heavy snowfall, reaching Koppangen Brygge just in front of lunch.

What a great place. Perfect located at the end of the road, with a mountain wall protecting the bay from the open sea. And just above fantastic ski terrain.  To bad we couldn't enjoy this to the full, as the avalanche risk is at grade 4 :-(

Here are some shots just outside the “rorbu”.

All photos by Ole Marius Jørgensen.

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