torsdag 17. mars 2011

There is no such ting as bad weather... High spirit at Kvaløya Tromsø

Direct from the airport to the sandy beaches of Kvaløya we went. Today we were welcomed with high winds, but the group diden't let that effect the eagerness to climb Middagsfjellet.

For the last weeks strong winds have ponded the North of Norway. In search of good snow we decided to look into the northern aspects, as the wind was coming in strong from the south. Close to Grøtfjord and Tromvik we stopped at Middagsfjellet. The peak is probably not very often summited by skiers, but today this was the best choice. Great views and a perfect place to do some avalanche training.

Today we learned about: "tuppekos", avalanche trancivers, bad probes and we learned to know each other.

Great start of a Hvitserk adventure!
Happy wind blowed group at the top.

A ski trip start at the beach. But of course!

"High mountain Eirik" climbing above the beach. 

Perfect formation

Soon down time! 
Trygve "the boss" going full trotle.

Cruise control

Dag, Benedicte, Eirik, Tonje and Bjørn Kåre finign the way down.
Boarding Hurtigruten in Tromsø.
Sverre (mountain guide) a happy camper. Qoute: "If it's not meaningless, it's not really outdoors life. 

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