lørdag 19. mars 2011

Next harbour, new mountains in magical Lofoten.

Wednesday night at 23:45 we borded Hurtigruten bound for Harstad. Next morning we were waking up to sunny Harstad. What will the day bring?

Todays ski adventure we looked to find in Svolvær Lofoten. On the road from Harstad to Svolvær Lofoten there is skiing to make all around, but Sverre had a plan in mind. With todays weather Småtindan was the best chance of good skiing and magical views.

We are ready!

Martin, Dag, Benedicte and Eirik climbing the ridge towards Ørnefjellet.

Sverre leading the way.

Trygve finding peace in his "office"

Closer to the top and steeper...

On the top ridge, getting blasted by the winds.. Soon down time:-)

Tonje and Bjørn Kåre ready to go!

What a place!

Sverre entertaining the crowd..

Martin on cruise control.

Trygve charging..

Well deserved dinner and beer...

Dag and Tonje relaxing..

Say cheese!!!

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