lørdag 16. april 2011

Norways supergirls explore Northern Norway together with Whiteblue.

Ane Enderud 2 x freereide world champion, Grete Eliassen X games superstar and Karina Hollekim back from here accident is underway exploring the coast of Northern Norway by skis.

Ane Enderud invited the girls last year and finally this year it was possible. Whiteblue Adventure is responsible for organizing together with our partners Hurtigruten, Kabelvaag hotel and Base Camp Finmark.

Our adventure started in Narvik and will visit Lofoten, Lyngen and Øksfjord.

Here are a few pictures from Lofoten...

From left Grete Eliassen, Ane Enderud and Karina Hollekim

Extreem sport athlets challanging their fears.. Grete really likes fish!!

The girls

John Håvard Grøgård joined us one day in Lofoten after spending 14 days. He really did fall for this place. Great people and great skiing to be made everywere he says!

Ane enjoing the snow fall on top.

Free as the bird.

A remarkable effort made, and Karina is back for the first ski trip after here accident!

Karina Hollekim cruising down Stortinden.

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