lørdag 20. november 2010

Wild west in Sogndal Norway

A week of powder pic bombarment from Whiteblue guides based by the Sognefjord on the west coast of Norway made me recruite two of my best ski buddies to make the long drive for retaliation. Without any knowledge besides the pictures seen, we scouted out tracks from the road side. The only hint we had was parts of a story from Andreas last year. He did mention Fjærland and a tunnel, so of towards Fjærland we went. We made most of the drive yesterday, so today only about 2 hours was remaining before we passed Sogndal.

What a start of the season. Great snow, weather and alone! 
Going in 80 km/h the ski tracks appared a bit sooner than expected. Standing on the breaks Håkon driving behind almost gave me a tailer... Could it be here? We took the chance and skinned up the valley to find a lot allready skied...


But what did we expect 2 weeks after last snowfall?

Under the circumstances there was only one thing to do, continue the hike further, further and further...

And it paid of!!

Thanks guys for a great way to start the season:-)

Quick fix of frozen Duke's

First trip - new skis and boots for the converted telemarker Fredrik

Rim breaking trail

Håkon as always making a mans job in front. Preparing for Nanga Parbat.

Rim (Frost in Eng) goes doggy style!

Fredrik ex telemarker finding his technique
Rocks ahead, go faster Fredrik...... !

Finally powder once again!

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