fredag 5. november 2010

Skiing is on - Whiteblue is ready!

It’s always a great feeling loading up your car Friday morning. Being ready to take off after work.

Last year we were blessed with a meter powder from the start. This year we don't have snow beside the produced artificial snow. Nevertheless people and I seem even keener on kicking off the season. Why do others and I have this feeling?

Could it be marketing or the power of social media such as Facebook? Or could it be me getting older and more aware of the importance of skiing in my life?
Or could it be the fact that people in general appreciate physical activity, being outdoors and hanging out with friends a lot more than making their way in business? To me it seems that work gradually is less important to people, and leisure and freedom gradually more.
If that’s right I must say I like the trend towards existential values.
Last week I went to the premier of snowboarder Jeremy Jones’s last movie. He was able to assemble four fellow snowboarders to an expedition like venture deep into the Alaskan mountain range. After many years in the business he realized that each year he was coming back to the same mountains, boarding the same aspects. This was driven by the limitations of heli-operations that are not allowed to fly everywhere. In some way this sounds contradictious, as many see the helicopter as the best way to have access to everything. For Jeremy Jones this no longer is right. The only way to have full access is by hiking up by your self. I’m very glad that Jeremy Jones as an important spokesman for off-piste riding has come to this conclusion. Because he is 100% right!
The growing interest for off-piste skiing and the explosion of backcountry ski touring is of course a reason for Whiteblue Adventure coming to life.
Even though the number of people hiking into the mountains is increasing; we don’t fear crowds here in Norway. Specially not if you are open to explore new areas. 
And this is into the core of Whiteblue Adventure.
We want you to “have the cake and eat it too”! Because you deserve it!

See you there

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