mandag 9. november 2009

Blue Monday!

The weather forecast made me stay an extra day in Hemsedal. Waking up to blue skies I didn't regret my decision. Today’s planned trip was Svarthetta, about 700-800m climb from the parking.

During the night the temperature had dropped to -4 C giving perfect conditions. Heading up from the lower part in the shadow to the sun higher up it turned gradually warmer. Ski touring in November isn't like mid winter. The sun is still warm and without wind I could enjoy the winter landscape. Since I probably was the first doing Svarthetta this year, I had to break trail all the way.

Approaching the high mountain through the trees I followed the tracks form a fox who probably walked just minutes before me. The day turned out to give me close accouter to both grouse and a reindeer. The reindeer I first detected heading up. From a distance I couldn’t tell if it was a stone or animal. It was standing still without making the smallest movement. When skiing down I had to checkout the place. To my surprise I almost skied over the animal lying half buried in the snow. I think it was as surprised as me...

The skiing down were partly great, despite the latest snow had just briefly covered the rock base. Into the woods I could relax and cruise between the trees.

To conclude the day had all what you can expect from a day out, great snow, wildlife and blue skies. I must say I love my new office:-)

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