fredag 6. november 2009

An afternoon stroll in a meter of pow!

I got reports of heavy snow last week, but not in my wildest dreams did I expect this much snow on my first trip this season!

My friend Jan Andre and I headed out for a short trip to check out the snow. Actually Jan who lives in Hemsedal already had his first turns 4 weeks ago. No one could miss that as he was bombing us with MMS and Facebook pics. That was extraordinary early and long forgotten as mild weather had turned most of the first snow back to water.

Today we had decided to go to one of the safe spots in Hemsedal, Nibbi. Arriving we quickly concluded that Nibbi wasn’t ready for us yet. A bit disappointed we headed up to the road pass towards the West of Norway (Lærdal). On the way we discussed were we could expect snow. Since Jan had spent the last week in bed with the o so famous “honk honk flu” he had not paid much attention to the direction of the weather. But with some local knowledge after skiing this mountains for the last 28 years we quickly started analyzing the North-West flanks. And right so, YES! Look there it is!

In between the open Burch woods the snow seemed to be good enough for a test run. After some fumbling with the skins we were again heading upwards.

Last year Håkon and I had our debut Nov 8th, and today it’s just Nov 6th. The difference was that last year opening where on frozen summer snow in Norway’s high mountain area Jotunheimen. Today we are in fresh powder far from the “summer”. One meter above actually!!

We made the trip short as the day where turning into night, but what a debut! Going down we made girly sounds, a lot of yeeeeeeeiiiiiiihhhhhhhhaaaaas and our smiles probably will stay on until morning!

Let the games begin!

Jan Andre and JP

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