mandag 12. april 2010

Ørnes and Glomfjord -Day 3 - 4

After crossing the Vestfjord we arrived in Ørnes at 7:00, directly for breakfast. This morning we made time to relax as we were leaving the hotel 10:00.

Todays objective were set to mountain X, a beautiful ski touring peak overlooking the coast of Helgeland outside of the clacier Svartisen. Our guides set out in a slow pace as the group were starting to get a bit tired. Surprisingly we reached the top without any strive with ease. I guess the learning was don't rush but be effective!

Martin and Pekka - Nice views heading up!

Perfect line.

Kaja almost at the summit

Telemarker going down in style, but not always all the way....

Telemark accident...

Sverre (guide) front. From left Arne Jan, Martin, Ole, Espen and Pekka

From left: Joachim, Kaja, Nina and Arne Jan

Kaja telemarking to the sea..

April 11

Getting ready for the final day, and what a day!!

Today the forcast was the worst, but the weather the best! Learning don't plan your trip solely by the forcast.

As we had a flight to reach we set out a bit earlier, but still we made a full day trip in Glomfjord. Today the obejective was the a summit sticking out from Svartisen glacier.  The peak is 1238 a.s. and the glacier starts from around 800 a.s.

We had set the time limit to 13:00 by the car, meaning a somewhat higher speed without any problem for the group. We reached the summit at 11:45 after 3 hour climb. A great job by all.

Enjoy the pictures below and look forward to video soon...

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