onsdag 14. april 2010

Brave boys climb Geitgaljartind

April 9th

Ole, Joachim, Martin, Andreas and I went skiing on the famous Geitgaljartind in Lofoten. Here you can see a short video..

mandag 12. april 2010

Ørnes and Glomfjord -Day 3 - 4

After crossing the Vestfjord we arrived in Ørnes at 7:00, directly for breakfast. This morning we made time to relax as we were leaving the hotel 10:00.

Todays objective were set to mountain X, a beautiful ski touring peak overlooking the coast of Helgeland outside of the clacier Svartisen. Our guides set out in a slow pace as the group were starting to get a bit tired. Surprisingly we reached the top without any strive with ease. I guess the learning was don't rush but be effective!

Martin and Pekka - Nice views heading up!

Perfect line.

Kaja almost at the summit

Telemarker going down in style, but not always all the way....

Telemark accident...

Sverre (guide) front. From left Arne Jan, Martin, Ole, Espen and Pekka

From left: Joachim, Kaja, Nina and Arne Jan

Kaja telemarking to the sea..

April 11

Getting ready for the final day, and what a day!!

Today the forcast was the worst, but the weather the best! Learning don't plan your trip solely by the forcast.

As we had a flight to reach we set out a bit earlier, but still we made a full day trip in Glomfjord. Today the obejective was the a summit sticking out from Svartisen glacier.  The peak is 1238 a.s. and the glacier starts from around 800 a.s.

We had set the time limit to 13:00 by the car, meaning a somewhat higher speed without any problem for the group. We reached the summit at 11:45 after 3 hour climb. A great job by all.

Enjoy the pictures below and look forward to video soon...

lørdag 10. april 2010

Arctic spring break = crispy corn skiing - day 1-2

Martin and Ole enjoys a roof top bath on board Hurtigruten 

7. April 2010

All guests arrived during the night and we were ready to kick of the first 4 day trip with guests. Espen and Kaja was the first to arrive into Tromsø. After 3 weeks of consistent sun up north, they were blessed with a beautifull sunset over Kvaløya. Spirits were high!

After them came Nina and Arild, Arne Jan and Martin and finally Martin, Joachim and Ole.

We are ready for adventure!!

First day safety brief

8. April 2010

Since the weather had changed during the night we didn't need to rush. Guides Andreas Haslestad and Sverre Hjelmeland shared their knowledge and we made time to pair up for beeper training. I guess we all needed that one. After a lot of press attention around avalanche danger we all wanted to make the trip as safe as possible.
Joachim skinning up with a sm
Kaja the telemark racer

Today's objective was set to Skittentind on the island of Kvaløya just outside of Tromsø city. The forcast gave us hopes of a break during the day and close to the top we could look down to Eresfjord below. After 4. hours walking we made it to the summit. Now 1100 vertical was waiting. We were desperatly hoping for more sun as we needed heating to get the right crispy conditions. Despite now sun coming through we found great snow thanks to experienced guides. All in all a great start.

Next stop Hurtigruten to Harstad and Lofoten!

Todays objective Skittentind, Kvaløya
Erefsfjord views from the summit
Happy group on top of Skittentind

9. April 2010

Today we split the group into two.  The choice were set to Småtindan or Geitgallien. Sverre lead the Småtindan group, and Andreas Geitgallien. There it was, the famous Geitgallien. A beautiful classic peak in Lofoten! The last part we expected hard packed snow. Today we needed all the gear in the backpack.

Heading up mont Geitgallien. The scenery is brutal.
Joachim having his first experience of steep terrain in shifting conditions
The excitement grows.... closer and closer..
Finally the first views of the summit!
Soon at the ridge.
Ole proved to be hard core. Great job!